More effective…

Softconnx  is run by professionals who have extensive experience in the European and USA industries. We know the corporate culture, speak the various languages and have an extensive network of personal contacts.

Softconnx has offices in The Netherlands. All the main cities in Europe can be reached in just a couple of hours.


Hiring or allocating new staff, training them and waiting for them to obtain the appropriate contacts and become acquainted with the business “specifics” will be a lengthy process. Softconnx is ready to start sales activities for you in Europe immediately. Furthermore, we have direct access to the right contacts.

Lower costs

Hiring dedicated staff to take care of your business in Europe is costly, while the return on investment is still unknown. Putting staff into Europe will normally result in a misfit of skills and cultures, and is usually associated with a blow-out in costs.

Softconnx charges a fixed fee + commission (or commission-only ) for its services. The retainer is low – it merely serves to cover expenses for skilling up and research requirements. The benefit for Softconnx is only realized when the specific goals have been achieved and business has been won.As a result, your costs in both relative and absolute terms will always be many times lower than if you hired your own staff or opened your own offices in the relevant markets.

Lower risk…

Starting your own operations or hiring your own dedicated sales staff does not only come with high costs but will definitely involve long term commitments (to your staff, customers, shareholders) from your end as well.
By working with Softconnx, you are able to “test” the IT markets in the specified areas and wait with direct investments until your business is mature enough, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk.